Forecast of Sunshine: How Self-love Can Get You Through Tough Times/ The important of Sleep

Self-love is often found in the simplest requirements for life- food, sleep, water, and shelter. Just by working on these fundamental parts of our life, you can significantly improve mental health. Ensuring quality sleep is perhaps the most overlooked part of self care. This means turning off electronics before you go to sleep. More importantly, it also means that you must plan your day so that it could end on time for you to go to sleep at a reasonable time.

Researchers found that going to sleep earlier (and therefore waking up earlier) can significantly boost productivity, self confidence, and overall mental health. Planning your day to end early has the additional benefit of helping you organize your time better. The key to improving mental health through improving sleep is by developing a routine. Sleeping well one day probably won’t improve your mental health significantly. You’ll have to do it every single day.

In addition to fixing your sleep schedule, improving your diet and eating schedule has been proven to improve mental health. Here at Self First Club, we’re not here to push any sort of calorie counting diet or rigid diet. But simple steps like making sure you eat a balanced breakfast is something many researchers have supported. Although we all forget to eat breakfast or simply just don’t have time for it, making time for breakfast makes a bigger difference than you think. This often goes hand in hand with sleeping earlier and waking up earlier. This earlier time in the morning can be used to eat breakfast and start the day off strong.

The last topic you can improve your mental health that we will discuss today is drinking more water. Researchers have found that the average person doesn’t drink enough water everyday. Not drinking enough water can hurt your mental health. Experts estimate that you should drink about 15 cups a day of water. In addition to clearing your skin, it has been proven to boost confidence and self esteem. 

Author: Parsva Shah

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